English for Early Childhood Education


Evaluation of a class activity

Evaluation is a very important part of a class activity even though it typically takes place after the activity is over. It requires you to think back on the activity and consider the answers to general questions like these:  

  1. What went well in this activity? Why?  
  2. What problems did I experience? Why?  
  3. Was it “student-centred”? Should it have been?  
  4. What could I have done differently?  
  5. What did I learn from this experience that will help me in the future?  

Your evaluation should consist of the following paragraphs: 


In this session, you should briefly introduce the rationale of the design of the class activity, such as what students can learn after the activity, and include any necessary teaching and learning theory as a reference.  


You should describe how the activity will be conducted, for example, equipment needed and duration. Some graphs may be required for your illustration. 

Positive outcomes 

This session serves as a reflection of the activity. You should reflect on the procedures of the activity to check if any objective was achieved successfully as planned.  

Rooms for improvement 

This is another part of the reflection. In this session, you should reflect on the objectives which were not achieved or partially achieved. Then, you should provide some feasible suggestions to improve the activity, such as changing the design of the materials or include some more useful equipment.  

Whenever you are citing references, please use APA (7th ed.) citation style.  

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