Useful generators for citations and references / bibliography

1. Mybib:

Mybib is a free citation generator that allow users to either search for relevant books or journals by entering keywords:


For example, if you would like to cite the following book:

Book Title: Introducing Phonetics and Phonology

You can search the title and see if the search results have included your desired book:


After clicking on the relevant result, the generator will show the reference and in-text citation of the book:


RefWorks is a web tool that allows users to manage the bibliography / references and in-text citations of various style, such as APA (7th edition) and Chicago style. All EdUHK students can sign up for a personal RefWorks account with the school email address. Write-N-Cite function is a unique and useful feature offered by RefWorks, in which you can format your papers within Microsoft Word including in-text citations and creating a bibliography / references at the end of the document in your preferred citation style.

If you want to learn more about RefWorks, you may check the following links:

RefWorks by EdUHK Library:

RefWorks Online Tutorials:

Write-N-Cite Help:

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