E-portfolio Competition on Discipline-Specific English

DSES E-portfolio Competition


  1. To raise the awareness of differences between discipline-specific English and general academic English 
  2. To cultivate the ‘learning from peers’ culture among students 


ALL students from the Education University of Hong Kong


Participation award: Each participant will receive a merit certificate for joining the competition. 

Prizes for best e-portfolios: The best e-portfolios will be awarded certificates and special prizes. There will be a 1st prize (15 iWork hours HKD1005), a 2nd prize (12 iWork hours HKD804), and a 3rd prize (9 iWork hours HKD603). 

*The e-portfolio has to meet the requirements (see instructions below). 


  1. Create an e-portfolio with Google Sites or Sway.
  2. Write a review (at least 200 words) explaining how you develop discipline-specific English through various means (e.g., printed resources: journals, books, dictionaries; e-resources: language learning mobile app/language learning website/social media/online videos/online news/online radio/podcasts/corpus, etc.). 
  3. Write a personal reflection (at least 200 words) on how these resources enhance your learning of discipline-specific English. 
  4. Provide a written assignment from one of your core courses as an example to illustrate how you incorporate discipline-specific English into your writing. 
  5. Use English to write the review and the reflection. 

E-portfolio samples: Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3

How to participate 

You may click this link to register for the competition by 30 April 2022. 

A confirmation email will be sent to you after you have registered for the competition. 

Deadline for submission: 31 July 2022 (EXTENDED!)

Share your e-portfolio link with Ms Chan Ching Hang Justine at cchinghang@eduhk.hk or 2948 7905. The e-portfolios will be shared on this website later.

Assessment Criteria 

The e-portfolios will be assessed against the following four areas: CONTENT, LAYOUT, ORGANIZATION and LANGUAGE. 


Initial grading: Dr. Rebecca Chen (Principal Project Supervisor), Ms. Blanche Chu (Principal Project Supervisor) and Dr. James Fong of CLE (Project Area Coordinator) 

Endorsement: Other Co-supervisors of the project  

Announcement of Results 

End of August 2022 

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